Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Diving in the Ionian Sea

Take the plunge with Greecefully and experience some of Greece’s best diving, while you discover the exquisite charms of Kefalonia – both above and beyond the sea.

So much beauty and inspiration exists below the surface of the sea in Greece that it simply must be witnessed firsthand.

The stretch between Kefalonia and Homer’s beloved Ithaca is prized for its crystal-clear waters that offer visibility of up to 30-40 metres. Optimum conditions for scuba diving Greece.

Escape the crowds and explore the wondrous seascape of colourful caves, dramatic drop-offs and swim-through canyons that lie beneath the azure waters of the Ionian Sea on this 8-day diving odyssey for certified divers.

Highly-qualified guides (PADI) will escort you to astonishing underwater sites steeped in extraordinary geology and human history. Encounter remnants of WWII plane wrecks, ancient Greek artefacts, and amazing rock formations that give shelter to octopuses, moray eels and starfish.

Staying in cosmopolitan Fiskardo, your team will be led on daily expeditions by a respected marine biologist actively involved in the conservation of the region’s fragile environment.

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